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Magical, perfect, unique… These are the words used at the time to describe the jewelry belonging to the Prince of Sardinia that dazzled everyone around in nineteenth-century Italy.
Large sums were offered to the Prince for information on the craftsman who made these masterpieces, because many wanted to have them for themselves. But the monarch kept his name a secret, therefore the only way to come into possession of this extraordinary jewelry was to get it from him as a gift.
These mysterious jewels, admired by the Italian aristocracy of the era, were made by a prominent goldsmith called MARCELLO STAVIORI. Having a real gift, he could cast gems and gold into an impeccable form, each and every time perfectly suited to the style and character of the person for whom it was intended.

Following in the great Italian tradition of goldsmith mastery, we create unique jewelry pieces to satisfy individual requests of our customers. Each model can be customized according to the wishes of its future owner, from the gold color and the quality of the stones to the shape and form. All pieces are made within 4 weeks, so that our customers can enjoy their personalized jewelry in a reasonably short period of time.
Sophisticated design, excellent gold and carefully selected precious stones have been the hallmark of the best Italian craftsmanship and timeless quality. Each piece is unique and created according to customer’s individual taste. Diamonds and other stones are micro-set, which ensures outstanding durability and precision.

MARCELLO STAVIORI created excellent jewelry at the request of the Prince who bestowed it only upon the ones he chose and no one outside the coterie could have it no matter the costs. Today STAVIORI is the most mysterious personal Italian brand which in its home market offers high-end and investment jewelry only to a selected group of customers who recommend it to themselves by one another.


Each jewelry piece has a certificate of authenticity for the precious stones. Elegant Staviori certificates contain information about the product, its image and materials of which it is made. Certificates have a hologram trademark.

Diamonds weighing over 0.50ct have an additional, international certificate of one of the world's leading gemological laboratories (HRD, GIA or IGI). (Due to the long duration and high cost of the procedures necessary for the analysis of stones, these certificates are used only for diamonds of greater value.)

We guarantee that the stones used to manufacture our jewellery meet highest standards of the United Nations and are conflict free.


Each product has a standard 6 month manufacturer warranty (after this period there is a conditional warranty – if something happens contact us - and we will do our best to help). We are selling a product that has no right to brake.


Our jewelry is always delivered in an elegant wooden boxes with brand name on it and with an appropriate certificate of authenticity.

MARCELLO STAVIORI offers superior gold products, such as fine jewelry, custom made jewelry, designer jewelry and high-end jewelry. We offer original investment jewelry with precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies set in perfect 18 carat gold. Each piece is unique and created according to customers taste. Diamonds and other stones are micro-set which ensures outstanding durability and precision. MARCELLO STAVIORI investment jewellery is a timeless masterpiece that is designed to dazzle everyone around.

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